Monday, December 6, 2010

A 6 month volunteer nurse

After my 6 months of training in a tertiary hospital, I realize that life was always unfair. I am working 8 hours a day, sweating all day with no pay at all. I realize that I am serving the people and the country for free and with that I shall name myself as a martyr. Believe me I hated this one. I do not want to happen this again. After I studied for four years this was all I have. After I encountered too much viruses, bacterias and other pathogenic microorganism, I realize that being a volunteer should be stop all ready.

Yeah, I got professional and mastered skills right now. With the help of the hospital and of course me and this confidence that they are talking about. Now, with this experience I believe that I can become a staff nurse. I can do whatever it takes to become one. I have the qualities, abilities and attitude. I possessed the eleven core competencies in providing nursing standards. I would like to thank my hospital who accepts me to be there. Thank you!

In becoming a nurse, I asked myself right now. Why did I took this course? After my dad sponsored me for about half a million the prize was this. Too many registered nurses here at Philippines with no work at all. Some of them are working as Call boys or Call girls. In short, they are working as call center agents. Well, can you connect nursing to a customer care representative? I have studied microbiology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biochemistry and of course nursing subjects. Will I forget all of this just to earn P12,000 to P20,000 a month?

Honestly I do not want to leave Philippines. But because of the poverty I will do it. If I am the one who will answer the problem of family then why not? I am not the only one who is suffering here. Too many of my colleagues are also unemployed. There family invested half a million pesos just to pursue their sons/daughters as a nurse. But here in the Philippines, hospital will make money to the unemployed nurses using their trainings, volunteer experiences and others. The government does not want to take action on these one. I know that the supply of nurse here was too many or too bulky but the point is the government should help us take out of the country if there is no opportunity here. Well this profession is hopeless. So for all the student nurses out there from the Philippines, think thrice, not twice and goodluck to all of you.

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