Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards funeral open to public after the battle against cancer

After Elizabeth Edwards died against cancer, she became an inspiration especially to those cancer patients. With all the respect, Elizabeth was the wife of the former presidential candidate John Edwards. The 61 year old Elizabeth Edwards passed away last Tuesday, December 7, 2010.

“I tell you I think she was an inspiration to everyone who knew her even if she didn’t touch you and that’s how I feel about her and why I want to campaign my response today.” said by Judith Bullock, Raleigh Resident.

After that incident, people should know the importance of fighting. Living with believing and the passion to do what you want to do even though your life will be finished at the specific time. Elizabeth Edwards proved that life will be meaningful with determination. She did not stop supporting his husband in campaigns as well as she fought against cancer. Imagine can you try to fight cancer for 6 years?

I remember when I am caring with cancer patients in this so called tumor clinic. I realized that this disease will provide you too much pain due to chemotherapies. Some takes 3 to 5 cycles of chemotherapy. Admitted to hospital just to finish one cycle of chemotherapy was very annoying and also it will take you to spend money. Some of my previous clients need to get an earlier reservation for the room that they will stay in and the bad news is if there is no available, better luck next time. If you’d assess them, you will finally see their overused veins and sometimes this veins were destroyed and changing their vital signs. When I took the blood pressure of this cancer patient, the korotkoff sounds was too weak and also the pulse of this client. Too many cut downs were made to some of cancer patients. That’s why my two hands were up to the great Elizabeth Edwards.

To all of the cancer patients here like Elizabeth Edwards, do not stop believing, keep on moving. Life is always a cycle and it always ends with death. The only problem you will undergo before you reach this death is you will decide to be happy or not. Do the best that you can. Do what you want to do. Do what you believe into. And someday, some other time, other will realize that has been the best among others. For those who were rich, please donate to the people in need especially cancer patients. God bless to all who keeps on giving and sharing others.

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