Saturday, December 11, 2010

Last Remembrance - Batch 5

What a great experience with my colleagues. The event was so memorable with full of happiness. Each and everyone smiled all time long. Even though, half of our batch was absent. They were called as "KJ's" or kill joy because they believe that life is full of sacrifice and life is unfair. We swim all night, cook all night and drink all night. The water was so cold that's why some of us did not stay long. We also sang even we were not a singer (except for the one who was a member of a choir).

Remember the days that we were on the orientation? We were doing some jokes and listening to a non-energetic lecturer, also the lecturer who came from Visayas? Did you get it Bats(batch) five? That was so memorable then after that orientation, we were exposed to different wards with different headaches as well. As time goes on, we cannot focus on the time-span until it was December 10, 2010.

It was a blessed day. All of us will have a big problem after that volunteer program. Some will go being a customer service representative and some will rest for just a month. December month, meaning no hiring at all. Will someone help us here?

Batch 5 will stay as the best. We believe that we build the most memorable experience especially to the staff of that hospital by being friendly to them and most of all being professional. I hope this was the beginning of this remembrance so that it will not be the last one. Thanks to all of you

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