Thursday, April 15, 2010

Defense of the Ancients (DotA)

Playing a cool game under the sun will satisfy you everything in terms of leisure time. Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is an interesting game, always played by the youth. There are two types of players, The New bloods and The Professional Players. The New bloods player that plays for their own sake and teamwork is limited to them. The Professional Players a.k.a. "PRO" this are the players who gives full team work to the team. The player that calculate skills damage, knows what to do, to fight or not, to set the special skills on time. These Pro gamers are increasing due to the high demand of DotA.

DotA is a custom-strategy game originates to a video game named Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Another basis of the game was the map of Starcraft named "Aeon of Strife". DotA is a one the successful pursuing game developed by "Icefrog", a pseudonym, who updates about and develops new maps and change logs.

A two-sided team included in this game: The Sentinel and The Scourge. The Sentinel's location is at the south west part of the map while the location of the Scourge is at the north east. Modes in this game depend on the server (formerly the blue colored one). Each player on the both sides of the team controls a hero, a power unit that acquires different and unique abilities. A highly-oriented game, that needs teamwork to carry the team and become victorious. The objective of every gamer is to level-up plus gaining gold which is highly in need to build amazing items that will make their team win faster and surely.

Three playing roles are destined in each player. First, "the support" it enlightens the map using the item namely "observer wards" (can see visible things but not invisible) which can be a defensive or offensive strategy for each team. The support is responsible also for dewarding, meaning he/she destroys the opponents observer wards by using a "sentry wards" (can see invisible things but does not lightens a target area). The support gives and supplies the needs of the "carrier", another dota role. The support gives important items such as scroll of teleportation, courier, healing salve and clarity potion. They tend to protect there so called "carrier" role so that they can be victorious. The carrier, another role, is the one who kills the opponents’ heroes, and tends to push/destroy enemies base. They will come up with highly offensive items, to easily kill units and base. The next role is "the ganker". The ganker's responsibility is to stop the opponents’ carrier to build items. They tend to roam in the map, help a team mate from dying and kill heroes continuously. Usually gankers are stunners, (a stun is a skill which provides damage and an additional advantage because the hero cannot move for the provided second/s). Commonly used gankers are: Vengeful Spirit, Sand King, Crystal Maiden, Demon Witch, Lina inverse and Furion.

Another game full of enjoyment, try to play it for free.

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