Sunday, April 18, 2010

Religion issue - "Faith"

“Conversation of the Atheist Professor and the Christian Student”

The event started everything under the sun. The conversation is all about the Atheist professor and the Christian Student. It started when the professor questions the student if he do believed in God and the student answer was yes. Then the professor questions the student if God is good and powerful and the answer was yes again. But the professor questions him that his brother died because of cancer and he asked to heal his brother but God did not do it. Therefore, the professors opinion is opposite on the answer of the student. He is not satisfied that God is good and powerful.

Then, the professor talks about Satan and he is trying to tell that Satan comes from God which is a source of Evil. He tells also about the sickness, ugliness, and hatred that God created. He proved that God created curse on people. He also stated that how the student believes in God by not using his sensory perceptions. He does not felt, does not saw, tasted and hear God and according to empirical, testable, demonstrable protocol, science that God does not exist. But the answer of the student is he has his own faith.

The student asked him if the professors know what is cold and darkness. But the professor said that the opposite of cold and darkness is heat and light which is wrong because it is only the absence of light and heat. We have heat, superheat, mega heat, little heat or no heat but there is no such thing as cold. Cold is just a word that describes the absence of heat. We have flashlight, bright light, normal light, and low light but there is no such thing as darkness. Darkness is just a word that describes the absence of light. The student proved that the philosophical premise is flawed, meaning it is false. He uses the premise of duality, meaning he believed that he compares the two words which is not compatible. There is such heat but there is no such thing as cold. Therefore, the two should not be compared as one. Then, the student tells that the teacher is a preacher not a scientist because the professor teaches opinions not facts. It is because of teaching the evolution of man. It is an on-going endeavor that’s why it is an opinion only. It is not a fact that about his brain. He asks his classmates if they ever seen the professors brain. His classmates answers was no. Therefore, their professor does not have a brain and finally the professor loses because he said that the students should have faith so that they would think that the professor has a brain.

Not all things in this world are related only about “science”. Science cannot explain all the things in this world. Science is always using sensory perception to a thing to learn and believe it. How about if we are talking to God? Science deals only on reality. Therefore, God and Science should not be together as one because it is different. Science does not believe about God because they consider that God does not exist. Science cannot explain a single thought like electricity and magnetism because it is never been seen and much less fully understood either one. To know Science we use our sensory perception but to know God we use our Faith. We should not base our Religion on Science. For example, the bible said that man came from God while science has a theory of Evolution wherein man came from a monkey. In the bible and theory of evolution, they did not see it so there is no exact fact that we came from God and we evolved from a monkey. But we believe on the bible because we have faith in ourselves. As Christians, our faith is needed because it is one thing that gives communication between God and us. We should not ask for miracles to believe in God because everyday in our life is a form of miracle. God is powerful because he created mankind. But we should not give all our responsibilities to Him. If you believe in Him then He believe in you. If you think that you cannot do certain job or opportunity, just think that God believes in you to inspire you to work on that job or opportunity. He knows what is good for us and He is always there beside us. If you are encountering problems in our life, just pray to God. Have faith in you. Believe that you can strive your problems even they are many. Do not blame God if you are encountering something, which you think are wrong. He knows what is best for you and He is always testing your faith in Him.

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