Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reaction to the movie “Tatarin”

Tatarin was a movie showing the discrimination between the two sexes, men and women. The men have a high power than the women because if you became a wife, then you are already been bought by the men. But the story continues, the San Juan fiesta came to change the status of the two sexes. The discrimination changes because the women give their bodies through sexual intercourse and they control men from that.
My reaction to the movie is boring but I have learned something. The moral on that movie is it should not have discriminations on men and women because the two sexes must be equal by power and decision-makings. It was boring because too many sexual intercourses were made. It only shows that the movie emphasize that sex is the major target of the movie. As a viewer, we always view the point of the movie but if it was emphasizing other topics, it can affect the attentiveness of the audience. The setting and the characters was great. The effects of the sounds were evident and touching. Characters act as a really good actor and actresses showing different personalities that I would love the most. They portray good and showing the real personalities written by Nick Joaquin. The setting was change, in Nick Joaquin’s story, the setting was only one day but here, it took a week or weeks. But the places were good and were related to Nick Joaquin. I have learned that not all chances are with me, and I am not lucky at all times. Someday, I will feel hatred and sadness within me because life is like a wheel, sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. Just always remember, every human has its own equilibrium in terms of rights. Fight for your right, fight what is right.

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