Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trained Dogs are PERFECT!

Everything under the sun with the dog is simply amazing and full of memories. They are proven as a fast learners. They can learn some of the works of the individual human. As I have watch different dog shows, all I can say is they are awesome. The trainers work hard for them. Months to years were given by the trainers just to train their best friends.

In my own review, trainers shall not train their dogs with brutality. Providing violence such as punching, not giving them food, and by imprisoning them without a reason.

What are the tips that I can give?

1. Love them as you love your special someone

2. Provide a specific time of training (e.g. 8am - 12pm)

3. Provide nutritious food after training

4. Provide a long term planning if the dog can not learn fast

5. Daily bathing to your dog will keep him/her comfortable

6. Daily brushing of teeth to prevent tooth decay

7. Give them appropriate sleeping or nap time

8. Have the confidence to be his/her trainer

9. Provide a social life to your dog. Let him/her meet other dogs outside your home

In my own review, what is important here? I want to make sure that dogs are not abused here. I want them to have the justice in terms of cruelty to animals. I want them to experience equilibrium with the rights of every people. God made them for a specific reason. Try to acknowledge their presence, and someday you will say that they have to worth to live. Dogs are loyal so make sure you are also loyal to them. Try to have a good dog-friendly relationship. Others enjoyed having dog friends rather than a person. They enjoy how the dog is really caring for them. Try to own a dog and train them. Be sure to take care of them. Love others so others will love you.


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