Friday, April 9, 2010


We can do everything under the sun by watching television programs.

I am Proudly to tell you that I am watching the number one show in the Philippines, named SHOWTIME!

Composed of different hosts:

  • Vice Ganda
  • Vhong Navarro
  • Anne Curtis
  • Kuya "Kim" Atienza
  • Jugs and Teddy


It is a show that provides the viewers to see different talented Filipino people on different concepts and uniqueness. Sample concepts are dancing, singing, jingle, acting shows and more. Try to enjoy the humor of Vice Ganda as she judges the contestants. Different punchlines were made by vice in actual. She was a very talented judge of Showtime that cannot be eliminated. She has a probable 1 million fans in Facebook. THIS IS THE LINK

The show keeps it on high with the good rankings as it gives full enjoyment to people not only the crowd but as well as the viewers outside the studio. Due to the different combination of different personality, the quality of the show increases together with the ratings.

Gladys Reyes- now in its 7th week as a judge, a confirmed pregnant and announce it last second week of April. A person with full of humors, together with Vice Ganda they became successful in providing happiness to the crowd. She always brings her laptop to update her Facebook and Twitter fans. She stated herself as "Moody" and portrayed herself as always Anti-hero in all her t.v. programs. But in SHOWTIME she entitled herself as the HERO while she gave Vice Ganda the title of "SHOWTIME'S ANTI-HERO". All of these conversations were just example of the beautiful and highly demanded SHOWTIME.

Jhong Hilario- currently he is on his 8th week of service as a judge. A non-stop dancer always has a unique and different dance moves just for the crowd to be happy. Provides fair statements on the contestant and mostly he always links himself to Vice Ganda.

Kuya "KIM" Atienza- He is the son of the previous mayor of Manila namely “Mr. Lito Atienza”. Kuya Kim always gives a trivia after a performer performs. With his unique and confidence to the crowd, joyfulness is always the result of his performance. He sometimes brings animals to the studio such as snakes. He is the host that will always increase your knowledge.

Anne Curtis- is a very beautiful actress, very entertaining and always partner of Vhong Navarro in hosting. She always make sure to attend Showtime even her schedule was not always free.

Vhong Navarro- a member of street boys, always has the humor and has the strong ability to dance. He introduces the judges before they provide comment to the performers.

VICE GANDA- is the permanent judge of SHOWTIME. She has these unique and funny comments to her contestants, co-host and co-judges. She always used to be link with Jhong Hilario. The phrase "MAY NAG TEXT!" originated from her together with "YUNG TOTOO".

A lot of viewers love Vice Ganda due to the happiness that she gives. The viewers waits Vice Ganda's turn in the comment session because of its original and funny punchlines. Vice Ganda's different quotations are most of the time funny but sometimes it's educational. Different point of views and opinions were given by Vice but she did not to forget to include GOD. She was also concern about the contestants’ health and safety that’s why she tends to vocalized her opinion on dangerous stunts that the contestant made.






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