Thursday, April 22, 2010


I started my day with a jogging. I jog around for about 1 hour starting from 6am to 7am. The weather was so refreshing; the heat was covered by a nice and smooth wind. Parents also jog around it and after a while, they play badminton to boost their stamina and burn excess fats.

This jogging exercise can enhance you physically especially skeletal muscles. This muscles that are targeted with this exercise are chest, shoulder, upper and lower legs and feet. Abs can also be, in terms of breathing. Pain is necessary for starters, after a day you’ll experience extreme pain in terms of the cycle of your jogging. A running president, Nicanor Perlas, when he start to campaign as a running president here in the Philippines, he avoid to drink water after by reason of enhancing stamina. He was an athlete before, and he learned it when at the practice before the Olympics.

Some teens today are not into exercise. They like to play no-sweat activities which can be a cause of certain diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. The exercise can also prevent teens from involving in a prohibited act like drugs. As an author, I prefer to exercise rather than to be involved in drugs. Drugs are disease-causing object for me and it has no advantage at all. I know its addicting, but this feeling should be overcome by the user after he realized that it’s definitely wrong. Parents concern all the time about their children. As a parent, no one in this world would like to see their children become a bad or miserable human after all. Parents love to see their children succeeding and having a great family in the future. Parents do not stop supporting your child for a good reason. And for the children out there, think about the future and think how you will make your parents proud about you.

Thanks to all of you, maybe I provide good information here. Happy blogging!

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