Monday, April 26, 2010

Scrumptious Lemonade

My brother and I went to a mall last Sunday. I bought slippers for him and walk around the mall for a couple hours. We walk and see the newest things such as shoes, clothes and foods. We saw different new arrived summer clothes. After a couple of hours, we agreed to eat in a restaurant. We decided to go at “Sbarro”. I ordered two slices of Cheese Pizza, Half order of Spaghetti with tomato sauce and two of their special lemonade. The pizza has a thick layer. I was not amazed by their spaghetti, because the taste wasn’t good enough. The sauce was tasted like water colored with red. But when I first tasted the lemonade, it felt really good and awesome. Even I was disappointed by the spaghetti; the lemonade covered my emotions with happiness. I was shocked by the flavor of it that was so fruity. I can say that it was 100% fruit taste. I think that the ingredient used was a real lemon. How I wish I could make some for myself.

Well, when I am having a zip to the lemonade, my body was refreshed all ready. My hair in my arms tends to move upward due to the great taste of it. I honestly like to go back their just for that lemonade. Even my younger brother was amazed by the unique taste of it. First, he even tried to ignore and ask to change the drinks that I have ordered. He wants to change it with a soft drinks or something. But when he started having a zip of it, he started to question what it was. He was amazed by the real fruity flavor just like me.

Someday I promise to go back their. I always imagine the taste of it. I hope you’ll try it also.

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