Friday, April 9, 2010

Hang with Someone

Hanging here on everything under the sun is the best thing you should do as of now. Well, hanging with some one will be a good thing for all of you. It helps to prevent boredom, increasing joy to everyone. So, where I can probably hang out?


You can hang out here with your friends. For those foreigners there reading, this is located at Pasay, Philippines namely SM MALL OF ASIA, a.k.a. "MOA"

Best place ever. You can do shopping, with a specific building for Supermarket and Department Store. Too many entertainment here, more stalls, cinema is also available.


You can hang in a specific park that you like. I represent here the Filipino's park pride known as "LUNETA". Best place to hang-out here because it was relaxing due to the cold wind and with the clean background.



Do not forget to worship. Best place to hang out also. You can worship to God with your family, relatives and friends. It's good to spare your 1 hour of time to God every week.


For those who are enjoy to dance at the dance floor. Here's your chance! Try to dance with the party people on the dance floor.Drink moderately, Okay? ΓΌ


"Try to enjoy the moment of today because today will never be as the same as tomorrow and yesterday"


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