Friday, April 9, 2010


Well guys, hello out there! I am here to share that we can everything under the sun in the summer season.


Swimming can relieve you from too much heat. By having the relief, you are also having fun with your friends or with your family which gives another bonding time and rapport.

You can do swimming at the pool or at the beach




We made it for 3 days 2 nights here at Quezon Province and we had a lot of fun. We swim all day and all night, eating delicious foods: Adobo, Liempo, and different provincial specialty foods. Drinking session also did not stop and as always present.

I think we drunk too much of alcoholic brandy. About 11 bottles of 750 ml alcohol we have drunk for it for 3 days. With the drinking sessions made, we have too many conversations that made our friendship bonding last. One of our friends told about his problem about his family. About his wife deal with him everyday that makes his day a hell. After that we just continue to drink more. SHOT SHOT SHOT!!! (TAGAY NA!!!)

We swim together to the beach and at last it was in a state of low-tide. We got to reach too far to swim and to have fun. I am not a good swimmer at all. That’s why I am so happy that it was low-tide (it’s because can not swim on deeper areas). We tried to swim together with the waves of sea. And it was so good to feel that you are like flying in the air. These are the moments that I can not really forget about. Thanks to you guys.



That 3 day maybe not worthy to you but to me it was! Hope you can share also your stories, events that made you happy for a single day/s. Just leave your comments or message me for your stories. Thanks again.

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